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Our New Podcast

Our brand new podcast went live on 1st February, with episode one now available for you to download or stream at and wherever you find your podcasts.

Episode One sets the scene for regular updates from The Bus Inspectors and their mission to grade the nation's 10,000 historic buses and coaches. We consider the appeal of vintage buses and the important stories they tell, the future of bus preservation and how grading could help.

Leading discussions is Peter, Lord Hendy of Richmond Hill, President of the National Association of Road Transport Museums, who explains why he thinks grading the nation's historic buses and coaches is vital to ensuring the long-term survival of the most important vehicles.

Speaking on the need to widen audiences for bus preservation is Steven Booth from Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust, whose efforts to attract families to their garage in Bridgeton resulted in a record attendance last year. Plus, Helen Bolt from the Thames Valley & Great Western Omnibus Trust explains why keeping bus collections mobile is key to providing the authentic experience of bygone bus travel which might inspire public transport use in future.

Presented by former BBC broadcaster David Sheppard, the podcast is an informative but easy-going listen that is designed to appeal to story-lovers and history fans as much as the hardened bus enthusiast.

Listen on our Podcast page or subscribe via RSS, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Samsung Podcasts and more.

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